Mixed Dormitory

Mix dormitory room ( Men and Women)

Ladies Dormitory

This type is onry for women


Private space of bed

Amenity for Ladies in shower room

Amenity of POLA for Ladies in shower room

Amenity for Ladies

Amenity for Ladies

rental hair straighter

rental hair straighter


((Renovation of Our Guest House, Nadeshiko Ya!))
This guest house is originally a fish paste factory which was run for 40 years.
The factory was remade as our guest house.
((The Best Sightseeing Spot in Kobe, Nankin Machi!!))
Nadeshiko Ya is located in Nankin Machi, which is a famous spot for tourists.
Turning the first left corner of East Gate, you can catch an eye on a stylish building.
Flourishing China Town can be seen once you step out of it.
You get information about various recommendation spots in Kobe.
We, Guest House Kobe Nadeshikoya was newly opened on Oct 14 2017.
We offer the special price to celebrate our opening.
[Common Utility]
Kitchen, Toilet, Shower room (which has lock)
*On the third floor are bathrooms for women.
*All of toilets have cleaning function.
We have electric kettles, refrigerators in common space, and have hair dryers in each bathroom.
USB/AC chargers are equipped with a common space on the second floor.
Wi-Fi connection is available in the entire building.
* If you’d like to check-in after 21:00, please kindly let us know in advance.
* All of customers must follow the specified check-in procedures.
*Pay the charge for staying when you check-in.
[ Check-out]
It takes 3 minutes from JR, and HANSHIN Motomachi station on foot.
・Exit the east gate of Motomachi station, head for south and go straight to the Meriken Street.
・Turning the first left corner of Chouan Gate.
Smoking is prohibited. Please smoke in the designed area.
Pay attention to other guests since our insulation is not good.
If you’d like to change the check-in time, please kindly let us know in advance.
We have no parking space.
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